1. All projects and their respective repositories should be created no earlier than 10:00 AM on March 6th 2021
  2. Do not work on your projects before hand, but you can work on libraries or use external libraries
  3. Your team may consist of up to 4 members.
  4. If all of your members are currently taking CPTS 121/122 (Beginning CS Courses at wsu) OR are in high school, your entire team will be entered into Tier 2 for judging.
  5. If atleast one member of your team have taken CPTS 223(Advanced Data Structures) or equivalant, your entire team will be entered into Tier 1 for judging. 
  6. When interacting with participants on our Discord, please abide by discord rules.Any form of harassment is  NOT allowed and any report of yourself or team members harassing others will result in a DQ from the hackathon for yourself and your team and a ban from the server.